The most useful features in 2018 cPanel / WHM releases
July 29, 2018 TMZ Team

WHM and cPanel are under constant development and minor patches are deployed almost weekly in order to fix bugs and optimize performance. Once every few months, WHM releases a new major version that introduces new features. If you typically don’t have the time to read the notes, it’s easy to overlook some of these very

The Advantages of NVMe SSD technology
July 22, 2018 TMZ Team

Disk performance has a large impact on the speed of your server and is one of the usual bottlenecks that hamper efficiency. A faster storage solution will allow quick read and write operations, so that your server will be able to handle an increased workload with the same resources. This is especially important for applications

How to set up a mailing server for Odoo
July 16, 2018 TMZ Team

Both Odoo Community and Enterprise require external email servers in order to send and receive messages. Odoo is flexible, and allows you to use popular email providers like Gmail, Yahoo or Outlook for this purpose. However, you can also install a simple email server on your Ubuntu machine and configure Odoo to send and receive

Why you must use truly secure passwords, and how to generate them in Linux
June 30, 2018 TMZ Team

Password authentication is the most common way of securing access to some machine or service. It falls under Challenge-response authentication – a family of protocols in which one party (server) presents a challenge, and the other party provides a valid response (password) to authenticate itself. There are many types of challenge-response algorithms (like SCRAM), and

How to optimize a cPanel server for performance
June 24, 2018 TMZ Team

cPanel is the most widely used web hosting control panel in the market. It vastly simplifies system administration tasks. However, if not configured properly, it can also slow down your server. Here are a few simple ways to improve performance and get the most out of your server resources. Disable unused services cPanel integrates many