5 things to consider when choosing managed vs. unmanaged VPS
October 29, 2018 TMZ Team

One of the first things to consider when selecting a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the choice between a managed and an unmanaged one. All major hosting companies offer both types today, which one if better for your company or domain? The difference between a managed and an unmanaged server is often poorly understood, and

5 signs your company needs a managed VPS
October 15, 2018 TMZ Team

Many companies choose to manage their own Virtual Private Server (VPS) in order to reduce costs. This can be an effective strategy for a small business, especially if the website is quite simple. However, as a company is growing, its sites and applications also increase in size and become more complex. At some point, it

How to host an Odoo website
September 30, 2018 TMZ Team

Odoo is a complete management solution that provides all the applications needed to run your business. In the modern world, all companies must have a website. You could of course pay a developer to create a website for your business and host it on a shared or dedicated server. However, Odoo makes your life easy

Best security practices to implement when reselling cPanel hosting
September 16, 2018 TMZ Team

Reselling cPanel shared hosting can be tricky from a security point of view because many customers lack solid technical skills, so the server administrator must implement strict security policies. WHM makes this an easy task by providing a number of very useful tools that tackle some of the most common issues in a shared environment;

How to secure Odoo
August 20, 2018 TMZ Team

Odoo comes with a number of security features enabled by default but these are not enough to stop a determined hacker, who can look for vulnerabilities in multiple services. As a business platform, Odoo is a very valuable hacking target. An attacker can access all data about your company, employees and customers, basically putting you