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Top 9 Reasons Why You Need A Managed VPS

Are you and your business loosing valued customers due to your website being slow or not meeting the growth of your business? Then a Managed VPS is a very affordable solution solution that many businesses rely on today. It can be setup the same way as shared hosting, just a lot more secure and much more room for your business to grow.

Below are the top questions which you should ask yourself to see if a scalabe, flexible & powerful Managed VPS is for you.

1) Does your business depend on your website?

In the past 10 years, many businesses have completely switched their business online. For the business to operate correctly and to keep clients satisfied it must be running 100% of the time without any slowdowns or performance issues. A Virtual Private Server gives you a number of benefits that Small & Medium sized businesses require.

2. Do you notice any performance issues on your website currently?

On a shared server, you most likely see slowdowns from time to time. It’s a common problem, since the server is usually shared with 300+ clients. Medium to High traffic websites benefit from a VPS because it’s not affected by the traffic demands of other sites, as can be the case on a Shared Server.

3. Do you have any security concerns or host sensitive data?

With our Managed VPS plans, your data and database remains on a secure partition, completely not accessible by other customers. All of the data, information you collect will be stored in a secure area so your customers are ensured complete privacy. A Managed Dedicated Server has the same thing, but a VPS is way more cost effective and scalable at the same time.

4. Are you experiencing rapid growth?

You may not be able to predict your websites growth over the next few months, but you do know you are growing. A dedicated server to start with is most likely unnecessary. With a VPS plan you can start small and simply upgrade without any downtime or committing any major monthly overhead.

5. Is more than 20% of your business revenue generated online?

If that is true, than that automatically makes you an ecommerce business. That simply means that you can’t afford for your site to have performance, security or downtime issues, because that will result in customers losing interest before completing the sale. With our Managed VPS plans you can expect 100% Uptime and High performance giving you higher conversion & sales rates.

6. Have you ever had an immediate need for more hosting resources?

We all have at some point. If you run a promotion that increases your traffic by 100% for example, you will need to spend a lot of money to upgrade your dedicated server or find a different solution which might cause downtime in between. With a VPS you can scale up and down as you like. If you project high traffic, simply upgrade your VPS plan to the next level. Once it drops down you can always scale back. It’s that easy and usually done with a few clicks. This means you have the benefit of On-Demand resources to meet your demanding needs.

7. Can your business afford downtime or slow page loads?

How much do you think 30 minutes of downtime costs your business? How much business would you loose if your site is sluggish and has performance issues? Can you afford to loose any amount of business revenue especially in this economy? Most businesses can’t. A high-performing, fully managed VPS plan may cost you $30+ a month but can easily save you 100x in revenues.

8. Is your time better spent building your business instead of managing your own server and configuring the VPS?

All of our Managed VPS’s include full management. You do not have to worry about configuring it, making sure everything is up to date, securing it etc. We will do all of the work in the background, and if you simply have an issue feel free to contact our Command help desk. Compared to hiring a Systems Administrator or Developer, a server concierge VPS plan is a fraction of the cost.

9. Concerned that you might need to upgrade to a dedicated server in the future, but not ready today?

Here is another great reason why upgrading to a VPS should be your next move. Your VPS plan is completely portable. Meaning that if you ever purchase a dedicated server, we can simply do a live migration which makes the transfer painless, and your customers will not notice any of this.

Keep these questions in the back of your mind as your business grows and constantly changes. You might even want to schedule a periodic audit of your business to determine if it’s time to upgrade or not. If you have any specific questions feel free to contact our sales desk to discuss any options available to you that will best suit your needs.