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Retail Giant Home Depot Hacked and Apple Leaks Private Photos

Tuesday a large collection of credit cards appeared on an underground marketplace, and that collection is being linked to home improvement giant Home Depot.  The data breach has the potential to exceed the massive card theft from Minnesota-based retailer Target, who has experienced declining sales, and has wrote down over $230 million in costs due to their credit card hack.

The Home Depot breach comes after the United States Secret Service and Homeland Security issued an August 22nd Advisory warning of cash register malware called Backoff.  The Secret Service estimated then that over 1,000 businesses had been infected by the malware.

Apple Gets Squeezed over Celebrity Owned Device Data Releases

Apple Juiced over Data Security

Apple Juiced over Data Security

Also ongoing is a hack involving Apple and celebrity i-devices.  The celebrity releases feature famous people in compromising situations (read: nude).

Elcomsoft’s Phone Password Breaker is being implicated as one potential source of the leaks. The software is targeted toward law enforcement agencies, and gives full access to their iCloud backups.  Another potential source of the leaks, a vulnerability in Apple’s “Find My iPhone” feature which allows brute force attacks on account credentials.

With software like that from Elcomsoft becoming more available, owners of smartphones and tablets should be asking if depending on their hardware vendor for backups is a wise decision.