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Free Money (AGAIN)! Add credit to your account and we will multiply it by 1.5 or DOUBLE IT (+ Double RAM)!

(We are extending this promotion. It was VERY popular the first time we did it!)

For 48 hours we are running a once in a lifetime promotion. Add credit to your tmzVPS account and we will either multiply it by 1.5 or double it (+ Double RAM)! The minimum you can add as credit is $150.00. For example:

Add: $150 as credit X 1.5 = $225 ($75 is on US!!!)

Add: $300 as credit X 1.5 = $450 ($150 is on US!!!)

Add: $500 as credit X 1.5 = $750 ($250 is on US!!!)

Add $650 as credit X 1.5 = $975 ($325 is on US!!!)

Now to get to the best deal: 

Add: $850 as credit x 2 = $1700 (!!!!WE WILL DOUBLE YOUR AMOUNT!!!!) + DOUBLE THE RAM on the product you purchase! 

All you have to do is login into your client area to add the funds:

Promotion applies for EXISTING and NEW customers. For new customers, you must purchase a service first before you can add credit to your account. After you add the credit, please e-mail so we can apply the promotion. Enjoy!

Remember – 48 Hours ONLY! 


New Offices and Support Addition


We just wanted to let you know of the current changes that have been going on in the background of tmzVPS.

1. New Office

tmzVPS has been growing very quickly. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the new customers and orders. About a year ago we realized we are soon going to run out of office space in our current location. After months of searching for a new location, we found one about 10 minutes from were we currently are. After months of renovating, buying furniture, moving furniture around, running wires and many other things in between, we have finally fully moved in and ready to roll!

2. New Staff

Being upfront & honest, our support in the last couple of months has been slower than usual. This was due to our office situation explained on top. We did not have the room to grow and add additional staff to our rooster. With our new location we have:

– Doubled our staff members.

– Improved ticket response times.

You will now receive more detailed responses on your tickets also. We have a lot more news coming soon that will be posted on our Community ForumsTwitter and Facebook. Make sure to visit them often.

Best Regards,
tmzVPS Management


1 YEAR Free VPS – All Locations – Managed & Unmanaged **EXCLUSIVE** For the next 48 hours -



 For the next 48 hours, will be offering 1 YEAR FREE on all of our VPS plans. This offer will not repeat.

Review our plans here:

Managed VPS :
Unmanaged VPS :

This will result in a lot of savings $$$. Do not miss out! We accept a variety of payment processors, Paypal, 2checkout, AlertPay, Google Checkout.

Coupon Code:  FREE1YR

*Existing customers can apply for this on new VPS plans.

* Pay for the 1st year and we will add 12 months FREE on top of that resulting in 1 free year.

Want your next month free and the next one after that?

Here at we have some great news to announce. We’re offering discounts to everyone for posting on our community forums – and yes, current clients are eligible for the discounts! We’ve been thinking long and hard for quite sometime now about what could be a win-win solution for our clients. The first good thing is you get discounts for posting on our community forum (It couldn’t get easier!), and the second way is by our community forums growing that means there are more Tutorials, News and Support for you.

Let me break it down for you how this will work. When you post 15 relevant posts on our community forums you get 1 free day of service with us. It doesn’t matter how many posts you have, we can add the credit to your account even if you have 50 posts for example. Once you make a few posts and you are ready for your credits you can either PM one of our staff members on the forum to have it credited to your account or you can save up your posts for weeks/months/years free of service. You can post as much or as little as you want, there is no limit to how long you can have free service by just posting on our forums and having fun, which is the great part about this!

We hope you guys like this new feature we’re adding, we’ve wanted something for a long time were current clients can get discounts (many providers don’t offer this), and new clients also. If you have any questions about this at all please don’t hesitate to email me at to get your questions answered!