Home Depot Helping Your Inbox With More Spam

Home Depot Hacked

Home Depot Hacked

We mentioned US hardware retailer Home Depot a while back. That involved a then breaking hack involving tens of millions of their customers.

Home Depot is in the news again. This time they are coming clean on a related hack of customer details which netted email accounts of over 50 million Home Depot customers.

Home Depot is blaming the hacks on third-party vendors. The multiple hacks appear to point back to escalated privileges, and software that was able to be installed on their self-checkout registers.

Might be a good time for Home Depot to consider BitCoin for payments. Keep an eye on your card statements if you are a Home Depot shopper. They still accept cash payments and be sure to use a checkout line with a human cashier (imagine it won’t be long before they deploy human-like robots).

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